Client Testimonials & Transformations

Kevin Ritz

Kevin Ritz

Omg. I just put my golf shorts on I have not worn since June and I can put my entire arm down the inside of them! <3 <3 <3


I’m so pumped right now!


Even though I feel under the weather still starting the new workout today! Thank you!


That’s at least 2-3 sizes down.

Mik Terebush

Mike Terebush

I’ve never met him. Rather, I came across his posts innocently in my discover tag on Instagram.


I’ve had a few trainers who I’ve mainly interfaced with online, but I have never felt this cared for despite the distance.


There is an amazing amount of communication throughout my week. 


Really one of the best things I’ve come to see is his talk bout his challenges. He humanizes the process and makes me excited to see where I’m going.


 I could not be more excited about this!

Ryan Correll

Ryan Correll

Daniel is an amazing guy who truly cares about his clients and works hard to address their needs.


He has hears all my nonsense and has allowed me to vent and treats me with respect despite my many issues.


Great to someone like him helping me and I'm very grateful.

Shaun Kessler.jpg

Shaun was obviously already in great shape when he started training with me. However, he wasn't quite sure how to get that last bit of body fat off while still enjoying his weekend cocktails. 


Through perfecting his macros, consistently improving his lifts and learning how to balance alcohol, Shaun has surpassed my physique!


I am so proud of his dedication and consistency. 


Scott Johnson.jpg

Scott Johnson

I highly recommend Daniel as a personal trainer! I've been working with him for about eight months and have been in the best shape of my life. I also experienced the most strength gains from our weightlifting training. He was also very adept at teaching me proper form and showing me how I can create an entire program to achieve all my goals. When I first started working with him, I was a bit intimidated of the gym. Now I know the lingo and can talk with the best of them about super sets, drop sets, macros, CLA, etc. I'm so proud of the work we've done together! During our work together, Daniel emphasized the importance of nutrition in achieving goals. He also saw that as motivated as I could be, I still struggled with my sweet tooth. He told me a lot of his clients had those same struggles and it led him to become certified in an online nutrition habits program. During the last month I've been able to sample the new program and it's very exciting. Each week focuses on a new nutrition habit so that you are bringing about slow, long lasting change. It's exciting and I think it will help me with my long term goals of becoming a healthier person inside and out. 


 Daniel is  flexible, motivating, and passionate about what he does. He truly cares about his clients and I"m so thankful for the experience. Do not hesitate for a minute. Work with Daniel and you'll be on the road to achieving your goals!

Taylor Whittington

Taylor Whittington

The Taylor I am today is not the same one that started this a few months ago. I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and what I am doing with my life. I feel more driven to achieve my goals and make changes happen.


This weekend was the perfect example; I went to a Memorial Day pool party with a bunch of gays. Prior to yesterday, I would have not been comfortable in that situation at all. I would have been embarrassed to have my shirt off for long periods of time and I would think that people would judge me for how I looked and that they wouldn’t talk to me because of my appearance. I decided I was going to push myself and not feel self conscious about my body and I had my shirt off the entire time. I had people that I had known a little tell me that they could tell I have been putting in work and that I look good. It was just that much more motivation to continue doing this work with you and making things happen!


You have helped me, so far, in many ways and words cannot describe how thankful I am for you!


Let’s keep this rocking!!!!!

Jake Chevrier.jpg

Jake Chevrier

I just went out for dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in months (she was in town for the night), and she was telling me that she signed up for this extreme weight loss package, and she said she lost 8 pounds in a week but got sick and wasn’t able to finish. I asked her if she thought the plan was attainable for the rest of her life and she said no, but it would give her a place to start in terms of knowledge. I mentioned a few “buyer bewares” of online coaching, but also encouraged her for marking a change in her life. 


I told her about how I signed up with you and how I have been so frustrated for so long with coaches who didn’t understand the meaning of coaching, and wanted their clients to adapt to a lifestyle the coach thought was acceptable, but you are different. You build lifelong habits for real people, and I just can’t thank you enough. Some weeks are good for me, some weeks aren’t so much, but I am seeing results, and they aren’t the instant gratification kind that you get from other coaches. I thought coming into this process that I was going to hear the same things that I’ve heard from other coaches and would fail, but I haven’t. I learn new things every week and I couldn’t be more grateful for that and your support. I hope you know the impact you have on people’s lives, and how much we appreciate that!

Avery Lawson.jpg

Adrian was just like me when I first started working out. He had no idea how to gain good muscle weight and keep it on.  After posting my story, he signed up for my coaching services and managed to pack on over 30lbs and keep it on!


“@bodybybuckley is hands down the best choice I have ever made. Last year he reached out to see if I wanted to start training and I brushed him off saying I would when I got back from Kosovo. I get back, and without fail, he came a knocking. Super grateful he did because I feel a thousand times better and couldn’t have gotten this far without him constantly checking in and keeping me accountable." -Adrian

Jeffrey Cooke.jpg

Jeffrey Cooke

I’m feeling really good about the physical process, and I’m also better understanding how my body reacts to food. 


The days I eat really clean, I feel better and workout harder. Still making sure to splurge every once in a while but I appreciate food and how to use it more than I did before we started working together!


I’m proud of the change and feeling motivated to keep it up. I’m loving the new workouts and definitely feeling challenged. I'm getting stronger and I can feel my body changing - it’s great!

Daniel M.jpg

Daniel Magallanes

There are no words to describe how awesome my coach, Daniel, is. Nutrition and fitness have always been difficult for me and Daniel has made it more simple. 


What makes him unique is that he is passionate, humble, encouraging, dedicated, and wants the best for his clients. You can see these qualities through his effort and investment with his clients.

Nick Capellupo

Nick Capelllupo

Thanks! I’m feeling stronger and leaner than ever before!


I was telling my boyfriend last night that I’m upset with myself for not fully investing at the beginning because I’m finally seeing what the dedication can do. I’m excited for the future and wearing less clothes this summer!!


I’m committed to this process and I appreciate all that you’ve done for me! Thanks for everything! 


So excited for a new workout program. No requests just whatever you believe will continue to help me get results!

Kareem Ismail - 12 Week Progress

Kareem worked with me for just a short while, but was one of the quickest transformations I have seen while coaching. He came to me with no lifting experience, but was a regular runner.  With just under 12 weeks of working together, Kareem was able to lose roughly 10% of his body weight.  He consistently made improvements with his home workouts and was meticulous about his food tracking.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he had to pause his training, but plans on coming back very soon to push himself to the next level! I am so proud of his progress.


Erik N.jpg

Erik Norell

Daniel is very attentive. I feel his questions and responses are genuine. Not a fake cheerleading type of coach, where everything is always awesome. If it is awesome then I know it. If it isn’t, then we’ll find a way to get there.


Honest and genuine are the best traits, and Daniel keeps it real all the way.

Brian Ramirez.jpg

Geo Ramirez

Hey boss!! ☺️


Thank you so much! This new workout plan for this month has been so challenging and fun 🙌🏼 


I’ve been getting complimented by friends and family. I’ve even had guys who wouldn’t talk to me before actually message me now, haha. 


Thank you so much coach for getting me to this point so far. Can’t wait to see where I’ll be at the end of the year.


Hoping you’re having a kick ass week 🤙🏽

John Rvers

John Rivers

Thank you, per usual. I look forward to your messages as they are uplifting and upbeat!! Something that I believe we need more of from more people!


I love the work out plans and the habits that come in are very informative and useful. I brag about you to a lot of people and instantly head to your Instagram for reference.


Thank you so much for everything. You’re amazing!

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