Online Coaching

What Is it? How Does it Work? Why choose me?

Online fitness and nutrition coaching has officially made its mark on the fitness industry.  That said, I am happy to say that I was able to get in early and have been coaching clients via the internet since April 2016!

What that means for you: After coaching 150+ unique individuals, I’ve got this down to a science.

Brief Overview

My coaching services are a little different than most fitness and nutrition professionals.  Instead of just providing a simple workout program and nutrition meal plan, I focus on teaching you strategic habits to ensure short and long-term success with your fitness goals.


For example, the first habit, Prepare For Success, emphasizes the importance of preparation when it comes to achieving any sort of goal.  From outlining your priorities to learning how to schedule your calendar for success, conquering this habit is a sure way to help you achieve your goals.


Other habit examples include recording your food intake, consuming lean protein at each meal, creating a sleep ritual, etc.  By practicing these habits on a weekly basis, you will gain the ability to tackle your fitness and nutrition goals without having to think about it constantly, similar to brushing your teeth every day… or at least I hope that’s a thoughtless task for you. ;)


I know this may seem simple and basic, but after receiving feedback from clients over the last few years, it is the perfect solution for achieving your goals!  It ensures that you gain the skills of habit building in order to create consistency with eating healthy foods and maintaining an exercise routine rather than me spilling a bunch of information on your at once and expecting you to magically change your lifestyle overnight. (i.e. fad diets)

Step By Step Process

The Consultation

First, you'll complete an in depth consultation form that will review over your current fitness and nutrition level, past experience, goals, exercise and nutrition preferences and health issues (if any).


From there, I will begin working on your individualized workout program, meal plan, and macros.  All of these will be conveniently located in my Fitness App.

The Workout Program

The workout program will be customized based on your current fitness level, past experience, requested amount of days per week / time in the gym, and equipment availability.  This program will be switched up every 4-8 weeks depending on your individual progress and goals.


All workout plans come with detailed video and written explanations of each exercise, the number of sets and reps to perform, rest times between sets, warmups and stretching.

The Nutrition Program

After careful review of your consultation form, I will provide a 7 day sample meal plan for you to hit the ground running. The reason I call this a sample meal plan, is that my goal for you after the completion of this program is to understand foods well enough to not have to follow a set meal plan every single week.  With that said, I do think that it is helpful to provide an outline of what your eating should look like though so you can get started on the right foot.


I will also be providing you set macros and calories.  My Fitness App links with MyFitnessPal and FitBit, so logging your food is encouraged for 2-3 week spurts in order to ensure you are on track to achieve your results.


Once you have tracked for these small spurts, you will gain the knowledge of what makes up different foods. (i.e. peanut butter is actually more fat than protein, contrary to savvy media marketing)  

Important Note: Logging your food is not required for the entire time you are working with me, but it is strongly encouraged at the beginning.

Habit Distribution

Starting the Sunday after you sign up, you will receive your first strategic habit.  You will 4 receive emails per week in the following structure:

Sunday: Introduction of Habit

Tuesday or Wednesday: Weekly Check-In from Me

Thursday: Tips / Tricks to Follow The Habit

Saturday: Homework and/or Review


Some habits will take just one week to learn while others might take two or three weeks. Depending on the habit, as stated above, there will be a confidence check to verify if you’re ready to move onto the next habit or if you’d like some more review on your current habit.


Weekly Check-Ins

Workout Check-In

After 3+ years of online coaching, I have pinpointed the main struggle points in order to help you coast through this process as easily as possible.

For example, I have collected data over the years for certain lifts based on your height, weight, age, and experience. This allows me to provide feedback on your weight selection and progression throughout your workouts. No more guessing if you are working hard enough or not. (Disclaimer: I will not provide starting weights in your program, but can provide a range that I think you should be on for lifts you are questioning.)

Nutrition Check-In

I will review over your homework, if any was assigned, along with your confidence feedback for most habits.


In addition to that, I am able to see which emails you opened / read, which will allow me to have a great idea of your over compliance with the program.


If you choose to track your meals, which I highly recommend at the beginning, I will review your overall consistency of hitting your calories / macros.


I have worked with clients for years, meaning they go through bulking, cutting, and maintenances phases throughout their coaching. With that said, every 4-8 weeks I will change up your workout program based on your overall progress and current goals.


Along with your workout program adjustments, I will also periodically adjust your calories / macros depending on your progress and current goals.  This includes providing a new sample meal plan if necessary.


Although not required, at the beginning and end of each workout phase (usually 4-8 weeks), I request that you submit progress photos and body stat measurements. The app does a fantastic job of being able to compare photos and measurements in order to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.  With that said, I understand some people are not comfortable submitting these details which is 100% ok.


24 Hour Response

Although you check-ins will only occur on a weekly basis, you can always ask questions via the messaging feature in the Fitness App. I will get back to you within 24 hours on all business days (Monday through Friday).  This ensures that you will never feel lost during this exciting journey!

Fitness App

All of your workout and nutrition programs are available in my Fitness App that can be used in iOS or Android devices. This app provides written and video explanations of all workouts along with detailed tracking features to ensure you make optimal progress.

The app offers an abundance of features:

  • Full workout explanations along with video guidance.

  • Progress tracking via body stats and side-by-side progress picture comparison.

  • Calendar with scheduled workouts so you have a plan ready to go.

  • Detailed workout tracking to ensure you are consistently progressing.

  • Links to MyFitnessPal and FitBit nutrition trackers.

  • Instant messaging with me as your trainer.

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Risk Free Investment

If you are consistent with your workouts, habit emails, and logging your food and do not receive the results that you expected, I will provide a 100% refund of your money.

Ready To Start?!

If you're finally ready to achieve the body of your dreams without a crazy workout program or unsustainable fad diet, then choose the best option for you to start the sign up process.  I am sincerely so excited to start working with you!



Workout Only

individualized workout program

weekly accountability check-ins

24 hour response on business days

risk free investment

$129/mo (you will not be billed until the following Monday after sign up)

*does not include habit emails*

Workout & Nutrition

individualized workout program

customized nutrition program / meal plan

weekly accountability check-ins

24 hour response on business days

risk free investment

$199/mo (you will not be billed until the following Monday after sign up)

Nutrition Only

customized nutrition program / meal plan

weekly accountability check-ins

24 hour response on business days

risk free investment

$129/mo (you will not be billed until the following Monday after sign up)

*does not include workout advice*


No Problem!

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions over my coaching services.

Always happy to jump on the phone as well if you need a more in-depth review.