Are you tired of avoiding pool parties and beach vacations because you don't feel confident in a swimsuit?

You know you need to workout, but you feel completely lost when you step into a gym. 

The second you hear the terms ‘macro’ and ‘calorie deficit’, you get hit with a wave of anxiety.

You spend countless hours googling ‘how to get abs’ on the internet and wind up more frustrated and confused than when you started.




Low Confidence

I see you because I’ve been you.
That’s why I created this program.

Not So Skinny

Not So Fat

Feeling Confident

Humor me for a sec...

Imagine the next time you get invited to a pool party and instead of ‘being busy that day’, you ask what you can bring.


You know you look good because you’ve finally figured this whole fitness thing out.


Even better, you didn’t have to spend 2+ hours a day in the gym to feel confident in a swimsuit. In fact, you spend less than 6 hours a week on your fitness.


The best, you didn’t have to give up your social or travel life because you learned how to maintain results regardless of your environment.


You’re no longer following crazy restrictive diets that tell you can’t eat or drink the good stuff. i.e. carbs and margs, ;)


You’re just enjoying life and happen to have a great body.

But how is that possible when everyone is always talking about KETO, Fasted Cardio, and Fat Burning Teas?
Answer: The BBB Kickstarter Program
After 5+ years of online coaching, I've simplified the process of getting fit without sacrifice through strategic workouts, simple to follow nutrition design, sustainable lifestyle habits and accountability support via a member only community. Read on for details:


Kickstarter Program






New Workouts Every 6 Weeks Based On Your:


Fitness Goal

fat loss or muscle gain 

Equipment Availability

full gym, home gym, hotel gym


beginner, intermediate, advanced

Confusion Free Workouts:

Detailed Exercise Videos

including warmup & stretching

Easy To Use In-App Tracking

weights, reps, rest times, etc.

Exercise Terminology Lesson


Body Stat & Progress Pics Tracking





Customized Macro &

Portion Control Guide

Calorie & Macronutrient Targets

Updated Based On Progress

*upon request*

Thorough Nutrition Education


Understand How To Food Log

Clear The Confusion Of Logging When You're Out To Eat

Understand Macronutrients


Tips & Tricks for

Travel, Socializing & Indulgences




Year Long Video Course Curriculum

(6 week commitment; option to continue)

New Lessons Released Weekly

Habits Designed To Ensure You Keep Your Results...


Lesson Topics

Prepare For Success

Morning / Evening Routines

80/20 Rule

The BBB Rollover Method


Mindset Shift

Environment Refresh

And More...




Know You're Not Alone

In This Journey

Exclusive Member-Only Group

Weekly Live Q&A's

*archived if you cannot attend*

Build Relationships

Hold Each Other Accountable

Get Motivated By Other's Success

Clear Confusion In Weekly

Zoom Meetings


Are you ready to feel confident in a swimsuit at your next pool party?


6 Week BBB Kickstarter Program

Starts The Monday After Sign Up


month-to-month @ $97/mo after

(option to cancel anytime prior to that)

6 Weeks for $147

(Value $300+)

month-to-month @ $97/mo after that


David Redden.JPG


Starting out with little to no workout experience and just a set of 15lb dumbbells at home, he managed to completely transform his physique and confidence level.  Fitness is now an integral part of his lifestyle, but no more than his love for the East Nashville social scene.



An incredible weight-loss journey now focused on muscle gain has given him more confidence than he’s ever had in his life. He is looking and feeling great great and consistently improves his physique week after week.



Starting out as a skinny-fat nerd and then going to the other extreme as a body-building, chicken and broccoli addict, I’ve had my own journey discovering how to balance everything.  After years of sifting through the nonsense, I’ve found out how to manage a busy social and travel schedule while still maintaining a decent physique. My passion in life is to teach people how to do the same.




I'll adjust workouts as gyms reopen.


6 Week BBB Kickstarter Program

Starts The Monday After Sign Up


month-to-month @ $97/mo after

(option to cancel anytime prior to that)

Have Questions?

How long does it take to see results?

That depends. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking to receive, but it depends on your commitment to the program. 

If you stay consistent with your workouts and improve week after week while also tracking your food and nailing your macros, you should start seeing small changes within the first 30 days and significant changes within the first 90.


It all depends on your commitment to the program.

What if I don't have much time to spend on it right now?

That’s the beauty of this program. When I first started working out I used to spend 10-12 hours a week in the gym and never ate out or drank alcohol. I was living the typical ‘bodybuilder lifestyle’.  I quickly found out that if you train effectively and efficiently, you can get incredible results without a huge time commitment.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you’re following the program as outlined and still not seeing results, message me and we’ll work through any pain points you might be experiencing.

Once we talk, we can determine a detailed path to course correct as quickly as possible.

I thought the BBB Kickstarter Program was 6 weeks long?

The initial commitment is 6 weeks. After the first 6 weeks, you'll be enrolled in an optional month-to-month payment plan that can be cancelled at anytime. 

I've seen similar stuff in the past; what makes this different?

Great question. Over the last five years of online coaching, I’ve done a lot of market research by hiring different coaches and purchasing different programs. There are a few distinct differences:

  • Habit Building: Sure, I can give you all that you need to know in one lump sum; however, compiling 10+ years of experience and research into one fell swoop is just not realistic. That’s why I created my strategic habit curriculum to slowly introduce new topics and habits to ensure lifelong success.

  • I like to live my life; so should you. My main purpose of working in this industry is to teach people how to achieve an incredible physique without significant sacrifice.  Personally, I like to eat out regularly, drink socially and travel monthly. I can relate to the struggles you experience with getting fit.

Will it be a good fit for me?

  • Do you want to look good in a swimsuit all year long without spending hours a day in the gym?

  • Do you want to eat out regularly and drink socially while still maintaining a good physique?

  • Do you want to understand how to keep a great physique for the rest of your life instead of yo-yo dieting and New Year’s Resolutioning? (yes, I made that word up)

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this program is right for you.

You mentioned a one year curriculum. Will I get results in less time?

Absolutely! I put the most important lessons for quick results in the beginning of the coaching curriculum. The other 9 months focus on lifestyle strategies to ensure you maintain your results in the long run.

Still unsure?

Send Me Your Questions:



6 Week BBB Kickstarter Program

Starts The Monday After Sign Up


month-to-month @ $97/mo after

(option to cancel anytime prior to that)

I look forward to working with you.